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Summarised Membership Rules

This is a summarised version of the main membership rules and members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the full details that can be found on the club website:-


Aims & Objectives


To promote the interests of and social fellowship among, Elddis touring caravan, camper van and motorhome owners.

Class of members

Full membership – open to any person over the age of 18 who has paid the subscription and is the owner of any Elddis, Compass, Buccaneer or Xplore units and Crown and Golden Crown (1994-1998) brands and any dealer specials based on models from any of the above brands. 

Joint full membership – a full member may nominate one other person over the age of 18 to become a joint full member with the same membership rights.

Other non-voting family members – children, grandchildren, step-children, step-grandchildren.

Associate member

Overseas affiliate members

Lifetime members


Annual subscription

Payable by a member on joining and due for renewal on first of January each year. New members joining on or after 1 September will have membership until the end of the following year.



Any new member must be a member for at least 24 hours before attending a rally.

If a member ceases to be an Elddis owner as defined above, membership shall cease immediately.



Internal and external complaints should be referred immediately to the General Secretary, who will refer them to the Chairman, who will ensure that appropriate investigation is undertaken.



The Directors may expel from the Club any member whose conduct is such as shall be, in the opinion of the Management Committee, injurious to the character or interests of the club, or shall render him or her unsuitable to retain membership of the club.


Specification of areas

The membership shall be considered as belonging to one of four geographical areas, in the UK – Scotland & Northern Ireland, North, Midlands and South. Areas are determined by post code.


Annual General Meeting (AGM)

An AGM shall be held once every year to elect members on the Management Committee or Directors and Officers of the Club and for such other business as may be determined in accordance with the Rules and Bye-laws of the club.


Interpretation of the rules

The Management Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation the rules and bye-laws.

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