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Summarised Rally Rules

This is a summarised version of the main rally rules and members are encouraged to familiarise themselves, full details can be found on the club website:


  • Familiarise yourselves with the caravan code, the country code and the seashore code.

  • Take care not to damage the site or its surroundings.

  • Maximum speed limit on site is 5MPH

  • On arrival report to the rally marshal.

  • All visitors must report to rally marshal.

  • Do not arrive before the stated time in the rally book.

  • Members must comply with the rally marshal’s instructions.

  • If a yellow flag is flying do not drive vehicle onto rally field.

  • Open fires are not permitted.

  • It is recommended that members carry approved firefighting equipment and a first aid kit.

  • A bucket of water should be placed outside of each unit.

  • Keep noise to a minimum.

  • Generators must not be left unattended, can only be used between 10am & 6pm for a maximum of 2 hours at a time with a 2 hour break.

  • Kite flying, ball games etc. are not allowed near the units.

  • Members must dispose of their rubbish as directed by the rally marshal.

  • Members should not store items under the unit except for necessary equipment.

  • No tents, marquees, gazebos are allowed except for social events by rally marshal.

  • Up to 2 pup tents for children are allowed per unit but must be within the area normally used by an awning.

  • Only one awning, porch or sun canopy etc. is allowed per unit except for rally marshal.

  • Each unit must have a chemical toilet.

  • Never take your toilet to the drinking water tap.

  • Dogs and other pets must be under control, on a lead at all times and when tethered not able to reach another unit. Any faeces must be picked up and correctly disposed of. Animals are not permitted in any hall or building.

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